What is Action Hub?

By default, Looker allows you to send and schedule data to destinations like email, webhooks, and S3 buckets. The Action Hub lets you send data or trigger actions to a wide range of other web services, like Twilio or Zapier.

Available Actions

Exercise - Sending Data to Slack

Sending data to Slack is a quick and easy way to alert team members on events they may want to take action on. Data can be sent once, or scheduled based on a time or trigger event.


  1. Navigate to https://julyofficehours.slack.com/, You will be using this Slack instance to test for this exercise.
  2. Login using the user name lookerOHjuly+#@gmail.com (Numbers range from 1 to 20), and the password your instructor.

Part 1 - Sending Data

Create a dashboard with a single visualization on it. Use the Send option to share a visualization of the dashboard in Slack.

  1. Starting from this Explore, create a visualization you might want to share with coworkers.
  2. Save that visualization to a new dashboard.
  3. On the dashboard, choose to send the dashboard to Slack. Customize the channel and message.

Part 2 - Scheduling Data

Create a schedule of a Look that will send a CSV to Slack every afternoon at 1:30 PM which shows the open orders for the day.

  1. Create a Look that you would like to have delivered daily to your team. (This Explore could be a good point to start.)
  2. Save and navigate to your Look.
  3. Schedule the Look to deliver to Slack daily as a CSV at a reoccuring time. Set this time for 5 minutes from now.
  4. Check Slack in 5 minutes.

Other Examples

  • Send customer lead list to Marketo (Details)
  • Update a task in JIRA with new data (Details)
  • Stop an EC2 instance based on advance analysis of AWS Cost and Usage data on a one-off or scheduled basis (Details)
  • Activate win-back and upsell campaigns in Segment at the push of a button (Details)